IT Transformation

Legacy systems are still widely being used especially by many federal agencies. These systems are mainly slow, prone to attacks, and usually do not have the flexibility to adapt to the required changes. With cybersecurity attacks on the rise in the past few years, employing legacy systems seriously threatens critical mission programs, essential functions and daily operation of businesses and agencies. Moreover, the associated costs of maintenance and operation for legacy systems are significantly higher than their alternatives. However, modernizing legacy systems can be risky, challenging, expensive, and very resource intensive where there is no one single instant modernization solution.

To successfully modernize legacy systems a robust strategic plan is highly recommended to help businesses and agencies to consolidate their infrastructure step-by-step. Moving to cloud computing and shared services, adopting Agile development and DevOps, and modular contracting are among the steps taken by decision makers to modernize their systems.  

Datawiz helps your business to go through modernization process by planning and to manage the work in a disciplined manner to ensure a successful transformation. Through detailed evaluation of current and future business processes, and technology, Datawiz helps your organization to pick the best modernization strategy for your business goals from assessment and roadmap to modernization execution and deployment.   

IT transformation helps organizations to overcome main operational challenges like efficiency, security, and agility. Successful transformation takes advantage of cloud solutions, modernized application architecture (agile development), and robust analytics to greatly reduce operating, data center costs, reliance on legacy skill sets, and improves application evolution, ability to react to ongoing business needs, and compliance with regulations. 

Cloud Advisory

Cloud services bring scalability, agility, and cost savings to business operations, however, professional guidance is necessary for any decision and implementation through careful and detailed analysis. Our cloud advisors review business areas and workloads to identify the cost–saving opportunities and help to pick the right approach for smooth cloud adoption and implementation.

Cloud Migration

There are multiple challenges and considerations when it comes to cloud migration, of which privacy and security, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, and business continuity are the most prominent. Datawiz helps organizations by considering and addressing different challenges on the way to migrate their services and applications to the cloud.

Application Transformation

The inflexibility of legacy applications makes it hard to provide the IT functionality demanded by rapid shifts in business needs—and even harder to scale up to support business growth. Our Application Modernization and Optimization specialists can help to answer the big questions about whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance – or build new.

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