Cloud Services

Cloud technology has become very popular in the past few years, offering significant improvements regarding efficiency and profitability. By 2016 70% of organizations in the US had at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. Organizations are investing $1.62 million in cloud computing on average. A vast number of businesses are moving to cloud every year taking advantage of its increased efficiency, scalability, reliability, simpler administration, management, and overall lower costs. By 2020, 50+ percent of all enterprise data is expected to be managed autonomously, and 80+ percent of application and infrastructure operation will be resolved autonomously. There is a massive potential for cloud services, however, moving to the cloud is not always easy and straightforward.  Rather in most cases, it is a challenging process which requires well-thought planning and a skilled team.

The most prominent challenges and concerns with cloud are security (unauthorized access, data integrity, and protection), integration, compliance (with internal, local, and federal standards), information governance, and lack of trained personnel to manage services. Organizations need to prepare a well-planned roadmap to tackle all the challenges that they will run into on the way to implementing cloud infrastructure and taking advantage of different cloud services available. Datawiz with years of experience and projects in various sectors is your trusted partner on your journey to success. We offer different cloud solutions from architecture and migration to security and compliance. 

Cloud Architeture

A cloud-based architecture reforms your organization’s deployment strategies which conclusively brings a higher return on investments. Our cloud business solution architects will consult you about the implication of the deployment of cloud solution and governance to give you a clear and concise vision of your business’ future.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is considered as a central security system eliminating the need for multiple security systems leading to reduced hardware and software costs, and reduced labor cost. Datawiz is working with leading industry Cloud Computing providers to assist your organization in keeping data safe by employing the best industry practices.


Successful DevOps implementation boosts app development and deployment process, ensures a higher level of reliability, and raises app security. At Datawiz, we help you with Successful DevOps implementation that boosts app development and deployment process, ensures a higher level of reliability, and raises app security.

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