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Cloud migration is the heart of business IT transformation planning. When the cloud transition objectives are set, current IT structure is understood, and a proper cloud model is selected, organizations must act to migrate and validate their data, applications, and other necessary business elements to the cloud. There are multiple challenges and considerations when it comes to cloud migration, of which privacy and security, interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity, and business continuity are the most prominent. 

There is no single solution for cloud migration rather; a well-crafted migration plan is needed to complete the migration successfully. Datawiz helps organizations by considering and addressing different challenges on the way to migrate their services and applications to the cloud.  Additionally, Datawiz assists to choose the best cloud model, cloud type and ensures application compatibility to provide a smooth and fully integrated solution.

There are numerous advantages to cloud migration, but amongst the most common benefits and values for any organization are: near real-time scalability to meet the increasing demand, fast application implementation and deployment, faster and easier to maintain a disaster recovery, patch management, and change management plans, and finally, cloud migration helps organizations reduce their operating costs significantly.